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2014 was a year were many things ended. And rightfully so, for all good thing come to an end... Not that all were good. Some were bad. Some left us with a bitter sweet taste in our mouth. But ultimatelly, they will all live on in our memory and dreams. Let's see:

Television Shows:
Breaking Bad - I haven't seen this one from start to finish, but I have seen some random episodes, I love the premise and have eard nothing but good things about it. So, I will try to see (at least) the last season sometime soon.
Dexter - I followed this show and the ending left me wanting. I think what they did was correct, but they could have done it in a much better way. The entire brother sister thing was pullet to its limit and the hunt/death of the last villain was too mashed up. Leaving the plot so twisted just to be wrapt up just in the last episode was a bad move, in my opinion.

Manga (cuz we all know Comics last forever):
Last Order - was absolutelly insane and I loved it. But it came out so many years (yes, years) apart that I was lost in the story many times. The ending does match the original one (only a fan will understand), but it created a fork in the storyline which makes it possible for much more interstelar ideas in the future...will we see more of Alita/Gunn in years to come? Who knows.
Blade of the Immortal - again, this left me wanting. If they compressed the story in just a few volumes it would be great, but the adition of political games and a whole bunch of characters just to kill them all of in one blow at the end was a very porly plan plot. So, altough it did have a great influence on my artwise, storywise I did not like it.
Naruto - finaly ended. Goodbye. Good ridance. This is what we get when a new, good, original, interestig idea, gets overun by marketing, sales, international appeal and money... A mess. They milked the "ninja/emo/bloodline/mutant/emo/bromance" cow so much and streched the story so unbeliavably long trying to please everybody and ending up pleasing very few (I could almost say no one, cuz over the years so many fans came and gone). Still, it did create a diferent universe and I'm sure we'll see more adventures in it in years to come.

The Hobbit - when I said bitter sweet, this is exactly what I meant. It had everything to be a perfect finish after 5 movies by the same director on the same books, but them it wasn't. The last chapter, even over 2 hours long, was a rushed job if I ever saw one. This definitelly is a "read the book instead" kind of movie. Still, for those who haven't, was absolutelly entertaining and it did do its job.

Robin Williams - may he Rest in Peace. I could not finish the year without talking about this great man that made nothing but laughs for all to see. Him going was an absolute tragedy and left me wandering that this must be a really cruel world for such a kind man to get so lost in it. He will be missed, and he will be remembered.

On to 2015, what to expect? Well... Let's talk (just) movies:
The Avengers 2 - movie of the year for me. It has been said that after this, many cast members will leave so it will (also) be the ending of an Era, so yeah...I'm prettu hyped about it.
Star Wars - seen the originals and loved. Seen the pre-quels and did not. The director and the re-casting of the original cast does give me some confidence... But I have some reservations about it (and no, it's not the lightsaber! I actually maybe one of the few that liked the change), still keeping myself undercontrol.
Evangelion Movie 4.4 - it's anime, but what the hell.. 2015 was after all the year the original "Evangelion" series was set, so I'm hoping for a great finale for this. They did went sideways with the entire 'psico-bable' in 3.3, but I still hope they fix that in this last instalment (...please don't screw it up like they did in "The Hobbit").

So here you have it guys, this my view and hopes for the year passed and year to come. Hope you guys are all good.
And all the best for you and your family for this new year!

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